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4 tips to get more social media followers

Something I always get asked is how can I get more followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook or subscribers on YouTube. Basically how can I get more social media followers on whatever network it is they are using. People can get, rightly or wrongly, very hung up on the numbers. And yes they can be important – no-one wants to be sending out their content to thin air! BUT it’s still better to have 10 people who care about what you do and buy your products or book your services, than millions who you can’t possibly talk to all of them. Continue reading

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On Rainy DaysWe’re having April showers in May. I’m sat at my desk and staring out of my window at the growing garden, all that green being buffeted by the wind when I’m inside all cozy with my steaming mug of tea. Sat at my computer, chatting to other women business owners all around the world, I realise why I just love days like these. Although not the bits that involve me going out in it on the school run for example, but the dash down the garden to collect the eggs from my hens is still fun!

I love what they help flourish. My garden, full of fledgling plants  and my ability to sit and reflect on them and my business from my comfy office chair.

It reminds me of times that I have felt buffeted by all the noise on my social networks, when people have disagreed with my take on social marketing, when I’ve felt my voice was drowned and whipped away into the ether by the wind of the internet! All those times I’ve nearly quit, because a regular pay check and paid holiday and sick leave look very attractive. But it is in times like these that I always remember the amazing experiences and clients I have had and get to work with – as well as all those reports that I hated writing! Continue reading

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How do you want your tribe to feel when they connect with you?

Now this is really important. Because it’s about what I stand for the most which is connection. True connection with your tribe. Marketing may say it’s all about the numbers, growing your list to over several thousand, having more than 600 Facebook likes and a million followers on twitter and Instagram, but are they real connections? Are they people who care about what you say and that you want to hear from?

Whilst there is always an argument for bigger numbers and statistics showing a tipping point, there is an equally valid one for having smaller numbers of people who actually talk to you. As I always say:

Building real connections with people is what builds your tribe in the first place. That can get harder to do as you grow but it is not impossible. So how do you go about building that connection? Continue reading

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How do you want to feel about your social media?

I’m pretty sure that it isn’t bored, obligated or a bit scared actually. Yet this is often the case when I ask my client’s how they feel when they sit and write their content. Although, to be fair they are usually surprised that this is a question that I ask in the first place! Because why is what you feel important when we are talking about your business social media? I mean it’s there to attract new customers and bring in leads, right?! So why ask about feelings at all!!

And the simple answer is because how we are feeling when we sit down to write our content comes across in our tone, our choice of words, the length of a blog post and how we convey (or don’t!) our passion for what we do. Continue reading

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Set your intentions for your social media marketing

Rather than thinking about the latest trends in social media in 2015 (hint: you still need to get the hang of video if you want to succeed!) or what the next up and coming social network will be THE next big thing, why not get clear on what your intentions are for your social media marketing activity instead. This may seem counter intuitive as it may not feel like a measurable or rational thing to do in business but setting intentions, asking the universe to provide something specific and then being open to the opportunities that it brings up, can be a very powerful thing. If you are like me then you already set intentions in your daily life and in your business, so why leave out your social media marketing?

Think about what you want to improve on, whether that is spending less time procrastinating or giving your blog the attention it deserves or perhaps it’s about actually getting people to come back to your website rather than sharing other people’s content all of the time as that has been easier to do.

Declaring an intention essentially means you are directing your own mind on what you want to achieve, and helping you achieve goals within your online marketing but you are reminding yourself about them more frequently through your intentions. Without them you can end up stagnating in your marketing objectives because you aren’t challenging yourself by giving yourself that direction you are allowing things to align so they can happen. Continue reading