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Is Pinterest for me???

When I asked on my Facebook page which social network you all wanted to know more about the resounding answer came back as Pinterest!!! So I thought I’d start with a little summary of why you should consider it for one of your networks to focus on – or use in your business.

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Using Social Media To Sell More On Your Ecommerce Website

I know lots of you have ecommerce sites and sell things online, whether that’s handcrafted or otherwise products, and social media is a great way to provide customer service as we’ve previously discussed but also to improve your chances of making sales. I asked the lovely guys at Create.net to share how their users use social media and give you some ideas!! I’d love you to add your thoughts on selling online using your social networks in the comments at the end! (Oh and if you #ClicktheChicken it will send out a tweetable for you!). Here Are their top tips to sell more!!

When it comes to using social media as a platform to sell more through your ecommerce website, the benefits of doing so are many and varied. You may already have considered putting some time into developing a social media presence for things like networking or building your business contacts, but a lively and professional-looking social media presence can also have a very positive impact on your customers!

People who trust your brand are more likely to buy. #ClickTheChicken
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5 Reasons you should blog

Thank you to everyone who answered my question on what you want to know about blogging and what you struggle with your blog last week,  both on here and on my Facebook Page. Following on from the answers I received, over the next 4 weeks I am aiming to answer the most common questions, starting with why should I have a blog!

Sometimes we need to hear the obvious reasons again and hear new ideas we hadn’t considered when we commit to writing a blog. Add it is a commitment, a fairly big one! Blogging regularly takes up time in both coming up with ideas for content that is interesting to our readers but also in writing/recording and creating it.

If you have a blog already, that needs some love and attention, or are just thinking of starting one up then start here by watch my top 5 reasons that you should blog and next Tuesday come back to learn how to structure your posts successfully to achieve some action from your readers.
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What do you want to know about blogging?

I can go on and on about why you should blog, the benefits to your SEO and ability to connect with your readers and I know a lot of my clients really struggle with keeping their blog updated with interesting, useful content. But because I want to give you useful information, and what I think is helpful to you may be off the mark, I want to ask you 2 questions this week. Continue reading