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3 post conference lessons

Or what to do so you don’t loose all the buzz from the day!

I’ve been to 3 conferences in as many weeks recently and have 2 more to attend before the end of November. But it’s really easy to be all juiced up and excited by speakers at these things, write notes and have great ideas only to never quite get round to implementing them once the reality of being back in your own business or work hits.

So what to do to turn  the enthusiasm into action?

I always look for 3 (ish!) conference lessons to take away at each conference I attend. 3 stand out phrases or ideas that I can take away, write down and do something about. Continue reading

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3 things to do to get over social media overwhelm

I am just so tired at the moment. And feeling a bit like I’m drowning in information overload and total lack of time to get any useful updates out to you lovely people.

My blog is not getting updated as regularly as I’d either planned or would like it to be either.

Not helped in some ways by the fact that I went to an awesome industry conference last Friday (Shropgeek Revolution) where I was both fired up and excited again about the importance of all of the little bits of content on my site and on my networks and how digital is changing the way we do business, and my role in helping businesses prepare and understand how their customers go digital by default most of the time. Digital is changing stuff!!! ((that’s one of those quotes form the conference that you;ll get if you were there!). BUT and it’s a big bit too, it reminded me and confronted with me with just how much I don’t know or understand in the web world. And left me wondering just how much of it I need to learn and how much capacity to learn it I actually have!

Cut to Monday and the need to hit the ground running with profile updates, e-newsletters and general content creation and I really felt myself sinking.

But then, one of those glorious social media moments happened. I got a tweet and a message from a fabulous, inspiring and lovely client/friend to ask if I could pop and meet her at the train station for a quick chat before she had to leave after a meeting. Baring in mind she lives on the other side of the country from me and there she was saying “I’m just down the road, fancy a chat?”. So off I went and it was awesome!!

My point it is I met her on twitter, then face to face at a conference 5 years ago and we’ve kept in touch on social media since, worked together, become friends, worked together some more and definitely helped light up each others facebook feeds on tough days. And I remembered why social media is awesome – it’s all about the relationships you make and build.

So if you’re suffering from social media overwhelm here are 3 simple but surprising effective ways to dig yourself out and get back to enjoying your online activities (which, incidentally, improves our businesses!).

1. Give it your attention at specific times only. Have your hootsuite/facebook/pinterest turned off the rest of the time. And I mean completely turned off so you can’t see the little notifications at the bottom of your screen that tempt you to open them. Your full attention is much better for the quality of your updates and replies, the relationships you are building on them and your ability to focus on other tasks in your business!

2. Think of 1 great thing that has come from your social networking activities. Whether that’s a particular connection you’ve made, piece of business you’ve picked up or connecting you to a cause that is close to your heart. It reminds you of the power for good that can happen online too and reminds you not to give up.

3. Evaluate your which networks you are on, and look to drop 1 of them. How many networks do you have a profile on and how many of them do you actually update? Where do you get most of your business from and do any of your networks make your heart sink when you have to open them up? Look to free up some time and focus your activities on the networks that you enjoy the most and are bringing in the best business.

Have you got any other tips to add or a great thing that has come from your social media activities that you would like to share, add them to the comments below.

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Remembering that everything is progress

Which can be hard, especially at this time of the year. The whole world feels like it’s already on a slippery slide to Christmas and the end of the year – they’ll be selling mince pies any minute, I just know they will!

I talked about getting your head back in the game in my newsletter recently, how changing your routine can help you to reignite your thoughts after the holiday period. Even the change in the weather is helping me – I don’t want to linger in my garden quite so much now the weather is turning, my head is less full of children, beaches and what needs doing in the chicken run whilst the weather is nice enough for everything to dry out quickly – my thoughts have naturally returned to my ambitions for this year and my business. Not that they fully wandered away but they did stray a little ;-) Continue reading

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My cat peed on my zafu! And other uses for the internet….

Yup he did.

The unmistakable smell of cat pee and a tell tale stain on my beloved zafu cushion (that’s a round meditation cushion stuffed with zafu seeds for those who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about!) as I came into my bedroom.

Now I know it’s partly my fault. I’ve left it on the floor so I can remind myself to take 5 minutes in the morning to sit on it and breath, and to be fair the cats have also both been using it as a comfy cat bed too. I don’t mind sharing with them mostly, all my clothes are covered in pet hair anyway! But my ginger tom has obviously decided to take things a step further and try to claim it for himself – cue some not very happy wails and ranting from me.

So what did I do?

I asked the internet. Continue reading

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Meteor Showers and Going Viral

This week I am hoping to get to see the Perseids meteor shower. I managed to get to see some shooting stars during their appearance in our atmosphere last year and they were just as magical as I imagined they would be. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen shooting stars before, but the individual rare occurrence – even the one that fell right in front of my car down a back lane in Staffordshire one summer – pales next to the potential of seeing a sky full of streaking lights over the bay, so many that you just can’t wish upon them all.

However, this year the weather is a bit more overcast. The opportunity is still there but there will be a greater degree of luck involved in actually seeing one through the clouds. Will this stop me from standing outside and hoping? Of course not! And I may get to see a few bats, a glimpse of the extra large harvest moon and to enjoy the magic that moonlight bestows upon our countryside, transforming the trees and hedgerows into something faintly of the other world. And whether I manage to see them or not, I shall enjoy myself immensely.

It’s a bit like a meme or video or post you’ve made going viral. It’s an exciting possibility – you may even set out with the intention of that happening – but you would put out that piece of content anyway. Well, I hope you would! Continue reading